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clutch disc

The clutch disc is one of the three parts that make up the clutch kit along with the mechanism and the clutch release bearing. Like the other parts of the kit, the clutch disc is a wear part that must be changed every 100 to 200,000 km. A worn clutch disc will make shifting difficult.

 How does the clutch disc work?

The clutch is a fundamental system in your car, since it allows the rotation of the engine, and therefore its energy, to be transmitted to the gearbox. It can then reach the axle and then the driving wheels of the vehicle.

We also talk about a clutch kit, because it is actually made up of several parts:

The clutch mechanism;
The clutch thrust bearing;
The clutch disc.

Sometimes the flywheel is also included, which sometimes needs to be changed at the same time as the other three. The clutch disc is therefore an element of the clutch system. It is he who is in direct contact with the engine flywheel.

The clutch release bearing, which can be hydraulic or mechanical, first presses on the clutch mechanism, also called diaphragm.

Then, the clutch mechanism itself presses on the clutch disc, pressed against the flywheel and which thus recovers the rotation of the crankshaft. Indeed, when the engine is running, all these parts also rotate.

However, when you disengage, you separate them all, allowing you to shift gears. In short, the clutch disc is therefore used to transmit the rotation of the engine to the gearbox. For this, it must be glued to the flywheel.

When it is no longer because you press the clutch pedal, the rotary energy no longer passes: the gearbox is dissociated from the engine to change gears. Engaging again puts the clutch disc back on the flywheel.

When to change a clutch disc?

The clutch disc, and overall the clutch kit, is used systematically throughout driving. The clutch is therefore made up of wearing parts which must all be changed at the same time, sometimes even with the flywheel.

Clutch wear depends on the driving style and environment (urban or rural environment, presence of a trailer or not, etc.) but also on the quality and maintenance of the parts.

The service life of the clutch kit is 100,000-200,000 km. Changing the clutch kit generally takes place around 150,000 km.

Symptoms of a worn clutch disc are usually the following:

A difficult start;
Difficulties or noises such as squeaks or whistles when shifting gears;
A brake pedal that vibrates or is abnormally hard;
A slipping clutch, that is to say that when changing gears, the clutch spins in a vacuum and the speed does not increase;
A smell of burnt oil.

If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to go to a garage quickly because a worn or defective clutch disc makes changing gear difficult or even impossible.

change clutch disc:

Changing a clutch disc is always done with the other parts of the kit. The flywheel can also be changed at the same time if it is worn.

Necessary material :

A toolbox;  A jack;   Candles;   A new clutch kit;   A clutch centraliser.

 1: Lift the car and remove the gearbox


First, start by jacking up the car and putting it on jack stands.

Then disconnect the battery and dismantle the gearbox according to the instructions given by the manufacturer in the Revue Technique Automobile (RTA). These instructions differ depending on the gearbox used.

2: Disassemble the clutch kit

remove clutch kit

The deposit of the gearbox allows you to have access to the clutch kit.

First unscrew the screws that secure the clutch mechanism to the flywheel and wedge the latter to prevent it from turning.

Then disassemble the mechanism and the clutch disc by levering. You can now remove the stopper.

3: Fit the new clutch kit

mount clutch kit

Change the flywheel if it is worn or defective, then reassemble the clutch disc by replacing the seals.

Insert the clutch disc after positioning the clutch centralizer. You can then remove the centering device and refit the stopper.

Finally, reassemble the gearbox, always following the instructions given. You can take the opportunity to check the oil level of the box.

Lower the car from the candles using the jack. At the beginning, engage and disengage with caution to ensure that the new clutch kit installed works properly.

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